Optics in Alcudia

Optics in Alcudia Pollentia has a team of optometrists undergoing a continuous process of training in the use of high-precision eye technologies. They perform comprehensive eye exams to advice as appropriate, of the most suitable products.

The visual examination in Optics in Alcudia Pollentia contains the following tests:

– Monitoring and analysis of the visual system.

– Graduation from far and near distance.

– Study of the intrinsic ocular motility:

  • Extrinsic ocular motility.
  • Study of accommodation and convergence.
  • Checking color vision.
  • We tested the ability to perceive stereoscopic vision.
  • Study of visual perception.

Optics in Alcudia: Pollentia

– Digital biomicroscopy:

  • Study of anterior eye segment:
  • Diagnosis of dry eye, staining with fluorescein, lissamine green and Schirmer test.

– Control of intraocular pressure:

  • In Spain, most people who completely lose their sight is by having high intraocular pressure. If diagnosed in time and the pressure is controlled, patients will never suffer damage to their retina and therefore never become blind. Óptica Pollentia is the first center of Alcudia to incorporate technology in its facilities.

– Computerized perimeter:

  • Allows for early detection of glaucoma and also for monitoring.

– Ocular Retinography:

It is used for early diagnosis of various eye diseases such as diabetic retinopathy, macular degeneration associated with age, glaucoma, etc…

– Corneal topography:

It’s used to detect all changes in the cornea. Also to diagnose a degenerative disease called keratoconus and to adapt any type of lens.

– Eye Aberrometry:

Study the visual process and its relation to the quality of the retinal image to optimize the visual corrections such as ophthalmic lenses, contact lenses, laser refractive surgery, intraocular lens implants.

– Ocular pachymetry:

It’s for the detection and treatment of corneal diseases, screening/planning orthokeratology and to know whether the patient is fit to undergo refractive surgery (Lasik).

Diagnosing indications with digital technology:

Óptica y Audiología Pollentia has taken a giant step in the incorporation of unprecedented technology for eye care. It is the first optical center in Alcudia to incorporate a comprehensive solution for obtaining digital still and moving images. It is made with a biomicroscope that has a high sensitivity digital camera to allow previewing images in real time, with high brightness and contrast, using low emission of light. The captured images and movies can be sent to the DICOM organization in which the best international ophthalmologists work to detect, diagnose, or keeping track of any condition.


Óptica y Audiología Pollentia is the first optical center in Alcudia and among the first in Spain, to work together with an eye clinic.

Thanks to our innovation, we have achieved an agreement with Orduna Eye Clinic, one of the most successful eye clinics throughout Europe, where top leading retina experts work.


Optics in Alcudia has all the necessary digital instruments, capable of capturing images and videos in high definition. We can photograph the cornea, conjunctiva, lens, vitreous humor and even the retina. And send the footage to Dr Orduna to perform the diagnosis.


Ever since technology allows it, all hospitals in the world are connected to a medical platform called DICOM.

It was born to establish contact between all physicians and specialists in pathology. So when an uncommon condition is found, any doctor in the world can know the opinion of another doctor that has more experience in a particular field.

Therefore, when in doubt, all the information that has been obtained is uploaded to the DICOM platform, along with pictures and video. And a specialist in that particular field offers his opinion in less than 48 hours.

This breakthrough has arrived to the world of ophthalmology, and Optics in Alcudia has not hesitated in doing whatever it takes to get this privilege.


In Spain, the most successful doctors in terms of retina issues are: Dr. Zapata and Dr. Orduna. Belonging to the Spanish Society of Ophthalmology and the American Academy of Ophthalmology.


Thanks to technology, now you can know the status of your retina without any problem.

Before, dilating drops were used to achieve to observe the peripheral retina, but today, everything has changed thanks to the non Mydriatic HD Retinographs.

Óptica y Audiología Pollentia is the only optical center in Alcùdia in owning a retinograph to perform funduscopy for the eyes.

When a fundus or funduscopy is done, we get to know the status of the retina. And this information is extremely important, since most retinal pathologies produce no obvious symptoms in their early stages.

And when an eye disease is diagnosed later, treatment becomes more complicated. Thus, prevention is the most important part.
A man can have a perfect vision while developing a serious condition without apparent visual signs.

Performing a retinography or funduscopy, we can detect early diseases such as glaucoma, AMD, Retinopathy and Retinal Detachment.
And also, all retinas will be examined in HD by Dr. Orduna. One of the top retina experts in the world.


  • Glaucoma is the leading cause of irreversible blindness in the developed world. It’s often caused by an excessive increase in intraocular pressure that results in the progressive death of retinal neurons and that in turn, results in a progressive loss of the visual field.
  • Therefore, the person ends up seeing as if looking through a tube with small diameter. In this condition the pressure increase is decisive but inconclusive. And the only solution is to diagnose it in its early stages of development, becoming a chronic and inconsequential disease.
  • AMD: Macular Degeneration related to age is a major cause of blindness in people over 65 years old. It affects the macula which is the central part of the retina, which is the part that allows seeing small details.
  • Therefore it is a very serious condition that causes an exponential decrease in vision. Its early diagnosis reduces the consequences.
  • Retinopathy: is not just a disease but a group of non-inflammatory conditions affecting the retina. All in their final stages cause total loss of vision.
  • The most common retinopathy is the diabetic one, hypertensive follows. Both are complications of systemic diseases.
  • Retinal Detachment: This involves the physical separation of the photosensitive retina from the underlying tissues. The success of healing depends directly on the affected area as well as the time elapsed since it happened.
  • Risk factors for retinal detachment include: ocular trauma, high myopia, uncontrolled diabetes and family history. Performing a funduscopy in these patients is essential to know their possibilities and if it occurs, to act as quickly as possible.

The National College of Optometrists and Opticians and the Spanish Society of Ophthalmology recommends a fundus performed every year.




It’s a clinical procedure used to correct vision problems that cannot be corrected with glasses and / or contact lenses.

It consists of a series of exercises that improve accommodative and convergence abilities of our visual system and therefore, to obtain an improvement in visual quality.

It contributes to the disappearance of asthenopic symptoms in close vision works and control of myopia.


The duration of therapy varies from patient to patient depending on the following factors:

  • Age.
  • Motivation.
  • Collaboration.
  • Angle of deviation.
  • Frequency deviation manifests.
  • Extent and depth of suppression.

Roughly speaking we can say that the average duration may be around 5 months.

The aim of the patient will be the elimination or significant reduction of symptoms that led us to prescribe him vision therapy.

Optical in Alcudia:

All customers who purchase glasses in Optics Pollentia will have a guarantee of total adaptation valid for three months. If during this period one has not been used, we will change the crystals to achieve maximum satisfaction.

As a note in the case of progressive glasses, Optics in Alcudia has a range that ensures adaptation. This means that millions of people have used our brand of glasses and there hasn’t been not even one case of maladjustment.

In Óptica y Audiología Pollentia you will find a wide collection of prescription glasses, sunglasses and sports glasses. We work with Rayban, Oakley, Prada, D & G, Guess … If your vacations are short, we ship free of charge.

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